The Tweedy Show

A product photo of the Tweedy Show Curtains Mask. An animated GIF of Sammy Tweedy wearing the Curtains Mask.

Curtains Mask

Benefits Recipe For Change

  • 100% of proceeds to Recipe For Change
  • Custom-printed fabric resembling the infamous Tweedy Show Family Room curtains
  • Pleated with elastic earloops (no filter pocket)
  • Printed, cut and sewn in Los Angeles for the Tweedy Show by Sean Lorenzini / Hollywood & Vinyl Records
  • Ships in an EcoEnclose compostable mailer

Recipe For Change is a Chicago based nonprofit working with detainees incarcerated at Cook County Jail. It provides culinary instruction, job skills training, fine arts enrichment, and mentorship. It strives to empower and equip detainees with the tools necessary to gain employment upon reentry thereby reducing recidivism.

Recipe For Change was founded by Chef Bruno Abate in 2014. The program began as an opportunity for detainees to learn about healthy food, good nutrition and the art of quality cooking in a small onsite kitchen as an enrichment correctional program. It has grown into a full workforce development program and includes an option to learn about music production and art.

Read all about it here:

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