The Tweedy Show

A product photo of the Tweedy Show Curtains Mask. An animated GIF of Sammy Tweedy wearing the Curtains Mask.

Curtains Mask

$15 | Benefits M.A.S.K.

  • 100% of proceeds to M.A.S.K.
  • Custom-printed fabric resembling the infamous Tweedy Show Family Room curtains
  • Pleated with elastic earloops (NO filter pocket)
  • Printed, cut and sewn in Los Angeles for the Tweedy Show by Sean Lorenzini / Hollywood & Vinyl Records
  • Ships in EcoEnclose compostable mailer

In 2015, Tamar Manasseh reached a breaking point with violence in her neighborhood of Englewood, Chicago and knew she had to do something. She got a group of moms together and held a cookout on the corner, filling up the space with food and community before it could be filled with violence.

Now Tamar’s group, Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killing, has a multi-tiered approach to preventing violence. In addition to their neighborhood cookouts they run a kids’ study center built out of shipping containers. And prior to COVID, they had opened a restaurant, providing healthy food and employment to Chicagoans. They make life safer not only on the frontlines, but also by improving the conditions that lead to violence.

“I’m just a mother. I used to think my greatest accomplishment was raising two happy, healthy children in Chicago, where so many other mothers are denied that right. Then I sat in a lawn chair on a street corner and extended the love I have for my kids to someone else’s. I have been enriched and deeply fulfilled by all of my children. I hope that one day you get to experience the same level of purpose that I have.”
—Tamar Manasseh

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